Enjoy music while on the move,
like you've never done before
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Made to listen to music like never before
Clear sound.
For your ears only.
Equipped with two exclusive 1.5W speakers located on each side at ear level, offering a unique crystal clear sound experience.
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Feel free!
Sure enjoyment.
No restrictions on your movement.
Thought out and designed so that you can freely enjoy music, without cutting yourself off from your surroundings. NEKONE® complies with DGT Law RCG 18.2, thanks to its innovative directional listening system. It is the ideal device for the practice of outdoor sports.
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Let's play!
The music will not leave you
Only you and your phone.
NEKONE® offers a Bluetooth connection system for mobile devices, so that you can listen to music. And if you want to go lighter still, you can take advantage of an internal* memory system of up to 32Gb.
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Nothing will stop you now.
Light as air…and strong as a rock.
Made with hypoallergenic silicon. Its weight of only 116 grams will give you a feeling of freedom. And its reinforced dust and splash resistant design will provide you unlimited enjoyment.
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Move on!
Adjustable fastening system
Move as you've never moved before.
Get out into the street - walk, run, skate, cycle, dance...nothing can stop you now, thanks to an innovative magnet fastening system. Avoids uncomfortable bouncing movements during your highly mobile activities, thanks to a system that is adjustable to all kinds of physiques. Unlimited enjoyment awaits you.
* Includes anti-bounce magnetized fasteners and extension adjusters in two sizes - Standard / Fit.
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Touch control screen.
Easy and safe.
Turn up the volume, choose your favorite song, or answer calls...thanks to the touch screen on the front, you can do anything you want in an intuitive way.
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As special as you are.
For colors, tastes.
Choose the color that best matches your style. NEKONE® is designed in 7 exciting colors so that you can enjoy in your own way. Because we are unique - just like you








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Sing, talk and listen
La, la, la and bla, bla, bla.
NEKONE® is equipped with a microphone that connects to your mobile device with a Bluetooth system, so that you can comfortably talk, sing and listen
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Feel true freedom.
With or without wires.
Everything included. NEKONE® is equipped with a stereo audio input jack, so that you can connect headphones when you want more privacy.
Buy now Technical specifications
Good ideas, great details
  1. Wireless Bluetooth® technology.
  2. Weighs 116 gr.
  3. Hands-free microphone.
  4. Touch-screen volume, calling and tracking control.
  5. Up to 32Gb of internal memory.
  6. Battery life of up to 5 hours.
  7. 1.5W+1.5W output.
  8. Hypoallergenic silicon.
  9. IP65 resistance (dust and splashes).
  10. MP3 player.
  11. 3.5mm. audio jack connection
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